Loris Savino – Betweenlands

Betweenlands by Loris Savino; The Mediterranean Sea has changed. In the last months it has been shaken by an immense and liberating roar, leaving everybody astonished. Betweenlands is a blog that tells, through the power of images and video – subtitled by handful of words- the political changes, and their social repercussions, taking place along the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea, shattered by popular riots and spontaneous – though often violent- protests. As if its populations – that we wrongly considered numb – were suddenly infected by a collective hysteria pushing people in the streets; while somebody else is thrown in the sea.”

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Tomas van Houtryve ; Mao Incorporated

A great reportage on the evolution of communism within china. great pictures and very interesting subject.

“In China, communist ideology has mutated and been rebranded for modern times. “Red tourism” is a booming government supported industry that reinforces national pride and drives Chinese tourists to spend more money inside the rural heartland.”