Marieke van der Velden – Swimming pools

Swimming pools from Benin, Liberia, Iraq, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Jordania, Malawi and more.

Each pool has its own story. 

At one, the hoped-for tourists never came. At another, the tables are turned upside-down because the owner is Charles Taylor’s brother. One pool has just been restored after a war, while the other hasn’t been maintained since the president who owned it was murdered 30 years ago.

A simple concept with a powerfull and esthetic result. I am not a big fan of repetition, but in this case it does a good job.

Loris Savino – Betweenlands

Betweenlands by Loris Savino; The Mediterranean Sea has changed. In the last months it has been shaken by an immense and liberating roar, leaving everybody astonished. Betweenlands is a blog that tells, through the power of images and video – subtitled by handful of words- the political changes, and their social repercussions, taking place along the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea, shattered by popular riots and spontaneous – though often violent- protests. As if its populations – that we wrongly considered numb – were suddenly infected by a collective hysteria pushing people in the streets; while somebody else is thrown in the sea.”

Featured on Urbanautica

Niels Stomps ; Mist

Dutch Photographer Niels Stomps Photographed the migration of a big amount of inhebitants of central china  because of the construction of a hydroelectric dam. The result is a book with silent pictures, of people watching their surrounding being changed.
A source of inspiration for my work ‘the big wait’.

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Jessica Dimmock ; Ninth floor

Intense, close and personal. A story about heroin addicts living in a appartement in New York.
I suppose it has to be a hard time getting this kind of access, and getting so close, that’s the main reason for this inspiration, along with the story about addiction offcourse.

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