Sam Irons – I Don’t Want To Get Over You

 It is as if a conversation or an open discussion is developing, through a process of assembling and then removing clues…
– Juan Bolivar

Marnix Goossens – Yonder

Marnix Goossens focuses on a subject  comparable to my ‘For Your Comfort’ but with a more abstract visual language. He photographs surrogate nature in dilapidated interiors to show the desire of man to exotic nature in the form of wallpaper with palm motif and blue-sky-posters.

Working on ‘Self Service’

A few images from my most recent project.
Self Service is to be exhibited at ‘EYE film institute’ in Amsterdam the 28th of August.
It’s a delicate project about the radical consequences of the flaws in the dutch euthanasia legislation.
The entire project will be shown on my website when the exhibition has ended.