Niels Stomps ; Mist

Dutch Photographer Niels Stomps Photographed the migration of a big amount of inhebitants of central china  because of the construction of a hydroelectric dam. The result is a book with silent pictures, of people watching their surrounding being changed.
A source of inspiration for my work ‘the big wait’.

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Tomas van Houtryve ; Mao Incorporated

A great reportage on the evolution of communism within china. great pictures and very interesting subject.

“In China, communist ideology has mutated and been rebranded for modern times. “Red tourism” is a booming government supported industry that reinforces national pride and drives Chinese tourists to spend more money inside the rural heartland.”

Antoine D’Agata ; the Cambodian room

Intens, harsh and a very discussable engagement from this photographer who moves around in the world of drugs and prostitution in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

the below video gives a small impression.
The url links to a site where more of d’agata’s work is shown.