Martin Kollar – Field Trip

In Field Trip, Slovakian photographer Martin Kollar offers his own fragmentary field-guide consisting of photographs he took in Israel between 2009 and 2011. A photographic dossier on one of the most contentious geographical zones of modern history being the result. Despite the journalistic character of this subject, the distinctive alienated handwriting of Kollar is ever-present.

christophe agou – les faits secondaires

In the line of Trent Parke, Dirk Braeckman and Anders Petersen, christophe agou gives us a peek into his perception of the world.

between light and dark, real and imaginary, material and immaterial, presence and absence, distance and intimacy, gravity and weightlessness, i am attentive to the world that surrounds me. with every glance i take in the ‘negative-positive’ of existence and the inevitability of impermanence to its glowing limits. alone and haunted, i trust my inner eye, the heart. everything, absolutely everything, becomes visible. appearances, disappearances, nothing seems of secondary importance to me.

Florian van Roekel – How Terry drinks his coffee

Florian van Roekel’s book ‘How Terry drinks his coffee’ was his exam project at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague in 2010 and became an emediate succes. In 2011 it was taken in  Martin Parr’s selection of the 30 most influential photobooks of the last decade.

Gihan Tubbeh ; Noches de Garcia

Similar to photographers like Michael Ackermann, Gihan Tubbeh, partisipant in the 2009 world press photo, tries to depict introspection, or as explained on the wpf website, “For Gihan Tubbeh the assignment stimulated deep introspection. Gihan uses pictures to discover herself in the relationship between the surface of reality and her interior, and invites us on a journey into her darkness, confronting us with her conviction that all human beings are natural born transgressors.”

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Trent Parke & Narelle Autio ; At work ; Dreamlives

The Austrailian photographers couple working on their earlier work ‘dreamlives’. A personal body of work about Australia. Also see their later work ‘Minutes to midnight’.
Very inspiring to see how they work and how they motivate  their way of working.
A huge inspiration and motivation for my work ‘getting lost’. Both in way of working as in the visual aspect.