Rikard Laving – mental



Rikard Laving doesn’t photograph normal lives, but those who appear marginally, on the verge of the frame and the law, where the desires are fired. Through recurring motives, he evokes the existence of precarious workers, the fate of an industrial city in decline. His work, although committed, doesn’t join openly in a critical social approach. He uses the daily environment in what it offers of more commonplace to think about the intimacy and the confusions. In glaucous ordinary of Council Houses or of Flatenbadet all-year camping , he brushes characters or landscapes so grandiloquent as poor in poetic dimensions. In this choice, we discern in Rikard Laving an atypical photographer who takes the opposite view aesthetic images of the contemporary photography, saturated by culture of the working drawing. It is a walking universe that invites the one who looks to penetrate into his doors, to surround its alleys and its inside in raw tones. A world seized to learn again to look at the other one.

Hold Up Gallery

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