Simon Roberts – Motherland

A country photographed so many times, that it seems hard to create anything new. The tekst describing these highly esthetic pictures promiss to show a diffirent view though. And it still seems to reach a weak spot. // Simon Roberts wants to break down the stereotypes that own you… Simon Roberts wants to kill the preconceptions that exist in your comfy-know-it-all-media-fed-head. He wants to kill your ideas about “Russia”… erase your broken-down-commie-red-hammer & sickle story… and give you something new. He wants to take your Russian heroin trade, your arms traders, your vodka, your strippers, your eastern block whores… take away your peasant-poverty-places, your famine-your hunger-your cold… take away your frozen-tundra-notions and whack you right upside your preconceived-head. His journey through Russia is one of liberation, not exploitation… it is a journey to uncover truth and dignity, timelessness and respect… rather than magnify crime or inflate historical myth. If Rob Hornstra is the Yin, Simon Roberts is the Yang (both approaches work very well)… if Rob Hornstra is the heavy metal, Simon Roberts is the concerto. It is a vision speaking of majesty, community, perserverance and grace, not drugs, sex, guns and titillation. He would like to take the epic land that is “Russia” and make it intimate… reel it in and soften it… let you see the beauty and hope, not the suffering and pain. Simon deals in optimism and humanity, not tragedy, corruption and misery… //






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